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Executive Board and Committees

BJWC Officers and Committees

President — Suzy Mogler
1st Vice President — Kathy Brodin
2nd Vice President — Jane Hoffman
Treasurer — Kelli Kermath
Treasure Elect — Shubha Narendra
Corresponding Secretary — Danielle Thome
Recording Secretary — Annemarie Dymon

The BJWC Officer Responsibilities

President - Suzy Mogler

  • Presides over all meetings.
  • Appoints all standing and special committees.
  • Serves as a member ex-officio of all committees.
  • Represents Barrington Junior Women's Club, Inc. at community events or appoint someone to do so whenever necessary.
  • Serves as a member of the nominating committee.

First Vice President - Kathy Brodin

  • Serves as the chairperson of the membership committee.
  • Acquaints herself with the duties of the president and presides in the absence of the president.
  • Accepts reports of unexcused ways & means obligations, community service or committee obligations from chairpersons.
  • Maintains the membership file.

Second Vice President - Jane Hoffman

  • Serves as the chairperson of the directory.
    • Schedules 1-2 picture taking sessions of members
    • Organizes names, addresses and pictures
    • Designs directory cover and solicits ads for the directory
  • Takes the place of any elected board member in her absence at general meetings.

Treasurer - Kelli Kermath & Treasurer-elect - Shubha Narendra

  • Keeps the books up to date and pays all the bills pertinent to the organization.
  • Collects all dues and money.
  • Makes all books and records available for audit.
  • Serves as a member of the budget committee.

Recording Secretary - Annmarie Dymon

  • Keeps the minutes of all meetings.
  • Sends copies of the minutes to the president within a week of each general and board meeting.
  • Maintains an inventory of the Storage Unit.

Corresponding Secretary - Danielle Thome

  • Serves as the chairperson of the newsletter committee.
  • Conducts official correspondence under the direction of the president.
  • Sends out notices of all board meetings.

The BJWC Committees


Co-chairpersons are: Sarah Cuthbertson & Nina Stephenson
  • Advisors are past presidents who provide advice and support to the executive board, drawing from their breadth of experience in all aspects of BJWC.


Tri-chairpersons are: Carrie Carr, Amy Kendrick & Susan Laudick
  • Coordinates activities for associate members

Community Outreach

Chairpersons: TBD
  • The Community Outreach aspect of this committee's responsibility involves raising the profile of BJWC in the community and providing activities for community residents.
    • The activities could be fundraising, citizen appreciations, family fun, or seasonal.
    • Our goal is to reach out to more people in the community.

Community Service

Co-chairpersons are: Veronica Thompson & Mary Dale
This committee coordinates community service activities for BJWC. Each year BJWC members are required to complete one two-hour shift of Community Service in addition to their respective committee assignment. Service activities include Barrington Giving Day, Meals with Wheels, Sunny Hill Elementary School and WINGS. In addition the committee does the following:
    • Present the club-designated projects to the Board
    • Oversee the sign-up of two-hour shifts, and see that each BJWC member has met the club obligation.
    • Attend external meetings in order for BJWC to participate in certain programs (e.g., attend BACOA meetings for Meals with Wheels, Barrington Giving Day board meetings).
    • Send reminder to the volunteers in advance of their scheduled assignment.
    • Consider and evaluate other service opportunities for the club.

Corporate Sponsorship

Chairperson is: Jennifer Martin
  • This committee plans our sponsorships.

Fall Ways and Means

Tri-chairpersons are: Crystal DiDomenico, Buffy Layton & Dimple Tejani
  • This committee plans our fall fundraiser.
  • Committee members will be assigned to a sub-committee such as invitations, centerpieces, decorations, raffle or live auction, publicity etc.
  • In addition each member will need to be available to assist with all committee activities, set-up, and be available the day of the event.
  • Subcommittees meet as needed and the full committee meets monthly.
  • Traditionally, this is a large committee that has a lot of fun.
    • It is a wonderful way to meet lots of other club members.
    • Expect to start meeting in June and over the summer, but remember your job is done soon after the event.

Hearts & Flowers

Chairperson is: Claire Miller
  • This committee consists of a chairperson only.
  • This person acknowledges all BJWC members’ new babies in the newsletter and at the general meetings.
  • They also send cards or arrange delivery of meals when a BJWC member has a special need (i.e. illness, death).

HOPE for the Holidays

Chairperson is: Jackie Kapcheck
  • This committee plans a special evening meeting for members, but the main focus of this party is to raise funds for needy families.
  • The committee organizes gift giving for area families by donation of gift cards purchased by BJWC members (and non-members). They are distributed via Giving Day or another venue of choice as designated by each year’s committee.
  • This committee is also in charge of selecting a location, food, theme etc. for the holiday December General meeting.
  • Work for this committee begins after summer with a committee meeting monthly.

Information Technology

Chairperson is: TBD
  • This committee maintains the BJWC website.
  • Establishes and maintains an indexed archive of all pertinent club information and committee documents in a centralized repository using electronic medium.

Character Counts! and Kids on the Block

Co-chairpersons are: Tiffany Andreae & Lisa Olszewski
  • If you are looking for hands on community work this is the committee for you!
  • This committee presents a 5-10 minute puppet show that relates to various life situations and help third graders understand their differences.
    • Subjects include asthma, blindness, cerebral palsy, divorce, hearing impairment, and learning disabilities.
  • You perform approximately twice a month at one of the Barrington schools or in the northwest suburbs.
  • Much consideration is given to your needs when scheduling the distance and time of your performance--we can schedule around kindergarten and preschool schedules!
  • If you want to help but can’t see yourself as a puppeteer, sign up to transport library materials or schedule performances.

Chairperson is: TBD
  • This committee consists of 1-2 people who are responsible providing legal guidance to BJWC.
  • Because this committee is new, the role within club will evolve as the year progresses.
  • They would overview all contracts before they are signed, and provide advice and counsel to each of the committees as needed.
  • The ideal person will have been in club for several years, served on the board, and be a current practicing lawyer.
  • This person will also work with the president over the summer to complete a chairperson guidelines or “cookbook” to assist all the BJWC chairs in the coming year.


Co-chairpersons are: Elena Anastasiou & Erin Shechtman
  • The 1st Vice President advises this committee.
  • The membership committee hosts a membership drive at the October and February meeting to recruit new members and a New Member Get-Together, to welcome new members in November.
  • Members meet prior to each event to plan and prepare a theme, decorations, and food.
  • This committee greets and welcomes members and guests at every meeting.
    • In general, they want to create a welcoming atmosphere, keeping membership involved.
  • This committee also organizes a mentor program to help new members feel comfortable and to meet more people.

Membership Education & Meeting Planning

Chairperson is: Nina Stephenson
  • The Program subcommittee provides an entertaining and informative program or speaker at about six general meetings.
  • The Program subcommittee also plans the June dinner meeting, including sigh up, location, entertainment and decorations.
  • The Social subcommittee plans entertainment events for BJWC members, usually one or two big events, which enhance social, educational, and cultural interests of the membership.
  • The event participants fund all social events, so the Social subcommittee operates without a budget.
    • Outings with just women, couples and/or families can be planned.
    • Previous events have included a Ladies Golf Outing, Easter Egg Hunt, Ravinia Night and a Barn Dance.
  • This committee will work with publicity and newsletter committees to inform members of activities.


Chairperson is: Lara Berry
  • This committee prepares a slate of nominees for officers to be presented at the March Board Meeting.
    • This slate is them brought before the general meeting in April with nominations from the floor.
    • It is then published in the May newsletter and re-read and voted on in May.
  • This committee shall be chaired by the past president preceding the two advisors and shall also consist of the two advisors, the outgoing President and two members at large, to be appointed by the President.


Co-chairpersons are: Sarah Cuthbertson & Shefali Bhuva
  • This committee consists of the more senior (as in number of years as a member) BJWC members and is responsible for carrying out the club’s philanthropic mission.
  • This committee selects organizations seeking grant funding in April along with our scholarship applicants. In March and April, this committee researches and reviews the applications to select the year’s worthy recipients. High School and Volunteer scholarships are also done this way. A majority of this committee’s work is done from January to May but the members should be available for decisions that may arise during the entire year. The committee presents information to the Executive Board to vote on at the May Board meeting. At the June dinner the scholarship and grant recipients are presented to members. Scholarship winners attend the dinner with their parents. The chairperson for this committee is a 2-year assignment. This coming year the committee will also have the responsibility to evaluate our current scholarship program. Should our Merit Scholarship be changed to needs based? What would this entail? The committee will do research to understand what types of scholarships are available to the students, is there a need that is not being met, etc. and then report back to the board in the August or October Board meeting with their recommendation.

Public Relations

Chairperson is: Rachel Kuna
  • Publicity gives exposure to club events or activities such as meetings & programs, scholarship winners, grant recipients and other events as needed.
    • You need not be a computer whiz, but having a computer available to send out press releases is helpful.
  • This committee collects the articles printed during the year and organizing photographs taken with the club camera.
    • One committee member could be assigned photography duties.
    • Pictures are needed at all major events and may also include member’s personal photos.
  • This committee is also in charge of archiving information for the BJWC website.

Safety Town

Chairpersons are: Cindy Kuesis & Angela Wilcox
  • This committee organizes the popular early childhood educational safety program for kids, called Safety Town.
  • They hire teachers to teach the program in our permanent child-sized town located in Barrington.
  • Sub committees are chosen and consist of such jobs as opening and closing day, the volunteer party, registration etc.
  • The entire committee meets monthly starting in November.
  • Your time commitment can range from work done by you at home, to an ongoing commitment of 2 to 5 hours a week or your actual presence at opening and closing days of each session in the summer.
  • Not all members are required to be available during the actual Safety Town sessions during the summer.

Service to Seniors

Chairperson is: Suzanne Speichinger
  • This caring committee serves and enriches the lives of Barrington area seniors.
    • They host two holiday parties during the year usually at Christmas and Valentines Day.
    • In the spring, they host a “Spring Fling”, which is a luncheon with an enrichment program or entertainment, bingo and prizes.
    • They are in charge of themes, decorations, food and beverages, prizes and entertainment for these events.
  • Three times a year each committee member is in charge of visiting with about 4 seniors and delivering Jewel certificates and postage stamps to them.
  • The committee meets about four times during the year; the senior events are daytime events or weekends, although the committee meetings are generally in the evenings.

Spring Ways & Means

Tri-chairpersons are: Kathleen McLaughlin, Christy Origer & Agnes Tomasian
  • This committee plans our spring fundraiser.
  • Committee members will be assigned to a sub-committee such as invitations, reservations, entertainment, decorations, raffle & auction, publicity etc.
  • In addition each member will need to be available to assist with all committee activities, set-up, and be available the day of the event.
  • Subcommittees meet as needed and the full committee meets monthly.
  • Traditionally, this is a large committee that has a lot of fun.
    • It is a wonderful way to meet lots of other club members.

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