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Past Presidents

Past BJWC Presidents

The women of BJWC have served the Barrington area for over 75 years supporting local organizations. In the last fifteen years alone, BJWC has distributed over $720,000 in grants to local organizations. BJWC is also the organization that established Safety Town in Barrington.

In June 2004 we chose Barrington Memorial Park as our place to honor and remember all of the efforts of the outstanding women who have consistently gone above and beyond for the best interest of BJWC and our community. Visit the Barrington Memorial Park to view the 10 commemorative bricks dedicated to the past leaders of our organization.

2012Nina Stephenson
2011Sarah Cuthbertson
2010Lara Berry
2009Carrie Carr
2008Wendy Bower
2007Doreen Colletti Muhs
2006Janet Magee
2005Chrissie Mena
2004Stephanie Proebsting
2003Stephanie Skopek
2002Janice Clarke
2001Terri Votanek
2000Susan Randall
1999Kathy Maca
1998Mary Ice
1997Sue Geshwender
1996Laurie Gray
1995Chris Griffin
1994Pat Edinger
1993Karen Darch
1992Kathy Robertaccio
1991Marilyn Roselli
1990Terri Parker
1989Jeanne Cannon
1988Mary Gaudio
1987Kris Mills
1986Margi Rockwood
1985Joanne Rasnick
1984Candice Dixon
1983Kay Griffith
1982Sue Maher
1981Jeanne Scally
1980Ginny Wendt
1979Judi Lowmiller
1978Joan Dehnert
1977Arleen Wegman
1975 - 1976Georgia Sturwold
1973 - 1974Linda Eckl
1971 - 1972Beth Wince
1969 - 1970Joanne Price
1968Dianne Mannel
1967Geri Dale
1966Mary Meinhard
1964 - 1965Sally Graham
1962 - 1963Ruth Munson
1961Elaine Watson
1960Rosemary Miller
1959Trudy Gillis
1958Evelyn Bergbom
1957Norma Lee Miller
1956Velma Wenzel
1954Ruth Lindberg
1952 - 1953Edith Grabenkort
1950 - 1951Ardith Wente
1948 - 1949Mary Wessel
1947Celia Murray
1946Mary Gallatly Blume
1945Irene Mc Gowan
1943 - 1944Irma Mae Berghorn
1942Eunice Maciejewski / Evelyn Grant
1941Sara Trexler Anderson
1940Doris Olson Milam
1939Esther J. Van Patten
1937 - 1938Lola Rieke
1936Myrtle Olson Cady

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