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I joined Juniors in 1999. I have met such an incredible quality of women through this club. Joining BJWC has been such a wonderful way for me to grow as a person in every way possible...thank you Juniors. — Tina Sobb

I was pulled into BJWC four years ago. I was a foot soldier on Spring Ways and Means my first year. It was exciting and I met a lot of people initially as it is a larger committee. I have joined a different committee every year, and have learned so much about our community and met some of the best people I have ever known. I think through volunteering and helping you meet the kindest and most generous people. It is because of the people and what we are able to accomplish in the community, that I am an enthusiastic member of BJWC! — Chrissie Mena

A girlfriend of mine asked me to come to a Barrington Junior Women's Club meeting one October evening in 1999. I had a preconceived notion that it would be a room full of snobby women. Instead I found a group of laid-back gals who were rolling up their sleeves to make the community a better place.

As I have learned more about the club, I have come to realize just how much these dedicated women do. They perform puppet shows that address important issues to school children. They organize and implement the Safety Town program for the community. They wash blankets for the homeless, provide help for Meal On Wheels and assist the Council on Aging with parties. These women are the backbone of the community volunteer network. They host two fund-raisers a year. With funds raised, they contribute to numerous organizations throughout the Northwest suburbs and fund scholarships for high school children. It is truly amazing to see what they can accomplish.

I have had the honor to serve as co-chair for Safety Town and for the Wings of Hope Gala, where a portion of the money raised went to WINGS for the building of the first domestic violence shelter to serve this area. The experience I had during those years were truly fulfilling. What a wonderful feeling to know that you can have an impact in such a positive way.

Through Barrington Junior Women's Club I have made friends — people I know I can count on and whose company I truly enjoy. Being a part of BJWC allows me the opportunity to give back to the community I love and to help the people who need it most. — Wendy Donnell Ferreira

When I moved to Barrington, I didn't know a soul!!! My realtor told me about Jrs and I decided I had nothing to lose. The first time I walked into a room with all of these women, I was so intimidated!! I made myself stay for the meeting and was still timid about joining but I didn't feel like I had any other choice if i wanted to meet people in the community. That was 6 years ago and I can honestly say that the best friends that I have made in this town, and in many ways in my life has been the ones that I have met in JRS. Believe it or not, being on the committees (fall or spring) ways and means has been the most rewarding because of the work involved, it really gets you to know others a lot betterdid I mention that I am in charge of Fall Ways and Means this November???? Seriously, it was the best way for me to get involved, and obviously has still kept me involved!! Thanks! Kathy Pinkus, Member Since '98

I joined BJWC when I was relatively new to the Barrington area several years ago. I've been a board member for 3 years and an active member for 4 more years. I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with smart, motivated, fun women who care about their community and have a passion for giving something back to those who need. Although I originally joined more for social reasons, I've stayed involved because it offers me a chance to impact change in my community in ways I couldn't do on my own. I've grown as a person through my involvement in Juniors. I encourage anyone interested to go to a general meeting or to our Fall Fundraiser and check us out! — Darlene Kober

I've been a member of the Barrington Junior Women's Club since 1989. I feel BJWC is a successful, philanthropic organization and has touched the lives of many individuals in our community since club began in 1936. I'm proud to be affiliated with BJWC! — Heather Anderson

I joined The Barrington Junior Womens Club shortly after we moved here 2 1/2 years ago. I thought it would be a great opportunity to know more about my community, outside of my neighborhood and school environment. I have not only viewed it as a great social opportunity, as these ladies really do uphold like values and interests to my own, but there is also a real sense of community enhancement that I am proud to say I have had a part of. I know my active participation in this club adds real value to the lives of others as well as enhancing my own.-- Chris Geiger

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